Dr. Krishna Derek Segovia Diaz

Krishna Derek Segovia Díaz is a 4th year medical student at the Universidad del Alba, in Chile. Passionate about the world of neurosciences, neurology and the advancement of AIs in university teaching and health sciences, she is constantly improving in this regard. She is a student member of the American College of Physicians, American Academy of Neurology, and the Society of Hospital Medicine. In addition, she has served as part of the organizing team of various congresses at the local and national level in her country, such as the "JovenesxFuturo" congress, while she was a volunteer for the organization "Comisiones Futuro". Currently, she is in the process of developing multiple projects and studies in his area of interest. In particular, she hopes to carry out a research project that seeks to measure the impact of alternative therapies such as surfing on patients with autism or drug-refractory depression. Meanwhile, in the field of teaching, her participation as a teaching assistant in the human anatomy chair stands out. On the other hand, her great motivation to generate and seek opportunities on her own is evident. In particular, she is CEO of two platforms that seek to eventually become startups: "Neurofilia", a platform that seeks to combat, through education based on evidence and innovation, the neurophobia generated in medical students. At the same time, she is CEO of "Socratech", an ambitious project that seeks to generate a space for training and democratization of the available evidence on evidence-based education, as well as possible uses of AIs for university teaching. At our event, she hopes to present the state of the art of advances in Latin America on the diagnosis, treatment and epidemiology of dementia.