Dr. Roberto De Luca

Dr. Roberto De Luca is a young neuroscientist affiliated with Harvard Medical School, actively involved in research at the Department of Neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. His main area of interest revolves around unraveling the intricate mechanisms and neuronal circuits that dictate the brain's influence on wake-sleep states. Through ongoing experiments, Dr. De Luca aims to shed light on the synaptic circuits and neural foundations responsible for the regulation of arousal and sleep. His overarching goal is to establish meaningful connections between the activity of neurochemically-identified circuits and the observable physiological responses in behaving animals. By doing so and using novel and cutting-edge approaches such as optogenetic and single cell transcriptomics, Dr. De Luca strives to contribute valuable insights to the broader field of neuroscience, offering a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between brain function and behavioral outcomes.